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Maintaining this sector within the company has become unnecessary and costly. Appice elaborates all the operation of admissions, layoffs and vacations.

Payroll settlements are made at the bank of your choice, so that your company only authorizes the debit to the checking account and the employee automatically gets his credit.

Appice, understanding the growing need for decentralization of activities in organizations and the constant changes in rules between companies and employees, we offer solutions in the management of all payroll operational processes, ensuring greater control and security for your company.

Specializing in payroll management, Appice performs the entire process electronically, ensuring greater efficiency for your business and reducing operational risks. In addition, Appice has a team of qualified professionals to manage and track calculations for payment, tax collection under the responsibility of the employee and the company, provision and generation of accounting files.

This method allows your company to focus on management and strategic issues, resulting in improved productivity, simplified administration and reduced costs.