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To meet the tax peculiarities of each company, studies and projections are prepared so that the form of taxation is as economical as possible, complying with all the principles of legality.

Subsequently, Appice prepares all the statements to be sent to the tax authorities.

The vast majority of companies are required to pay taxes and duties in order to be able to function on a regular basis and this requires that the company’s accounting is organized and up to date, as well as its account balance. Which means that the company financier just posting the documents in the accounting is not enough, you also need to check and reconcile the account balances so that you can compose an accurate accounting balance.

In this way, taxation will also be fairer to the company, avoiding the risks of having to pay a higher amount of taxes than was really needed, undermining part of the company’s profits and diminishing the viability of the business.

The tax accountant needs to be aware of a number of accounts and calculations and, after closing the balance correctly, manage taxes for the sake of saving taxes.

Did you know that one of the biggest responsible for closing new companies is precisely the lack of tact with taxes? That’s why it’s so important to be able to count on expert help! Having a qualified professional to handle this complex task is of immense importance to a company.

Taking tax accounting seriously avoids the risks of accounting errors that may lead the company to spend more on taxes, making the business less viable. It is precisely all this importance that taxes have on the company, which makes specialization in the area of tax accounting is a great option for professionals in the area.