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Appice has flexible acting formats to ensure the best fit when extracting accounting information and then recording it.

With professionals in your company or access to your ERP from a distance, your financial information can be carried and accounted for in your own software.

A company that has no bookkeeping is an organization with no memory, no identity, and no conditions to survive or plan for growth. The information generated by Accounting is useful and of interest to a wide range of users, which may be internal (managers at all levels) or external (investors, tax authorities, financial institutions, etc.).

What often happens in companies is decision-making based only on managers’ intuition, dismissing or underutilizing accounting information, either because they are unaware of the real purpose of accounting, which is to provide information for decision-making, or because of the restrictive and inappropriate use of accounting information. same as, for example, only to meet tax regulations. It is not that intuition should be dispensed with in the decision making process. Even more so that it is an important component in this process. But in important decisions – and most decisions made at the head of a company are important – it cannot be the only relevant component. That is, intuition will be better used in the decision process, the better and more complete is the set of information used in choosing the alternatives.

Accounting has long ceased to be just an instrument to serve the tax authorities to be an important management tool. This, of course, when the company does the bookkeeping. Therefore, knowing how to use accounting numbers that until recently were kept and forgotten in accounting books and reports can differentiate the successful entrepreneur.

The lack of concern for bookkeeping by the business owner or manager, especially the small and medium business, entails a number of disadvantages that certainly jeopardize the profitability and survival of the business.