Planex S / A – Pioneering the release of funds from BNDES for water and sewage utilities.

After winning public concessions to explore the distribution, water treatment, collection and treatment of sanitary sewage activities in the mining cities of Paraguaçu, Araújos and Bom Sucesso, the companies Cosagua – Basic Sanitation Concessionaire, Sanarj Basic Sanitation Concessionaire and Águas de Bom Sucesso Ltda, aimed to make significant investments in the water and sewage systems of the cities. Even with the financial capacity to carry them out, seeking long-term financing from a respected financial institution, such as the National Bank for Social Development (BNDES), would allow better financial management of the projects.

Following the presentation of the investment projects, BNDES approved the release of the requested financing, thus becoming the first companies in Brazil with access to this credit facility. As BNDES had not provided financing for this type of investment, financial feasibility studies were required from the Concessionaires and parent companies – which allowed Appice to participate in the process, with the preparation of all financial statements and accounting advice, when necessary. .

After the first stage of the release of part of the funds, the second and most important one began: the BNDES audit. To certify that the funds were applied as agreed and contracted by the companies, once again the bookkeeping was performed by Appice, which presented the statements with the proof of investments of the funds. With each release of funds, the concessionaires were audited by BNDES experts. The companies were approved in all audits and, finally, we ended a very successful story by receiving awards from the “BNDES Sanitation in Focus Project” congratulating the work done over the years.

The conquest of financing, the execution of the improvement and construction works of the cities water and sewage treatment plants and the good service provided to the users ratify the modern management model carried out by the concessionaires. Ten years later, we are recognized for the efficiency, transparency and quality of our services. During these years we counted on the excellent advice of Appice, which since the beginning of the project contributed actions, allowing the correct decision making in our companies.

Carla Dias – Deputy Administrative Director of Planex S / A (partner of the concessionaires)

Socienge – Strict control of fiscal and tax activities leads mining construction company to continuous growth

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Socienge is one of the important mining construction companies, focused on the Basic Sanitation segment. Its significant volume of public sector works in various cities requires excellent accounting and tax control to fit the many divergent municipal legislations in the public bidding dispute.

In this sense, Appice has become an indispensable partner for business continuity. By preparing financial statements, controlling all tax issues, withholding, preparing the payroll and collecting taxes, Appice controls and keeps up-to-date all negative Socienge certificates.

As a result, the company has never been prevented from participating in a pending bidding process related to the information or documents that Appice is responsible for, and has maintained continuous growth over the past few years.

Partnering with Appice allows us to focus on our business without having to worry about accounting and tax issues; This fact guarantees us peace of mind to pursue the growth of the company.

Eduardo – Responsible for Administrative and Financial Management


Intercabos – ERP system parameterization, providing better integration between sectors

Intercabos – Indústria e Comércio experienced difficulties in integrating the company’s sectors and implementing the ERP, when the partnership with Appice emerged. At first, a planning for the implementation of the ERP was carried out, later assuming all accounting and tax management.

With the advent of the implementation of the ST (Tax Substitution) by the Treasury Department of the State of Minas Gerais, a large study was carried out to adjust the control system of such taxation modality. The system developed for demonstration with the Secretariat was of utmost importance to ensure transparency in the fiscal controls of the company, and later the state. The use of this model has been presented to other contributors as a format to follow for this business segment.

Through the financial statements several management reports were developed, allowing the company to make strategic decisions based on the real economic and financial situation.

In recent years the company has hired the external audit of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited – PWC. No restrictions were found during this period when Appice prepared the financial statements.

After partnering with Appice, a culture in the company was created to evaluate the financial statements, which serve as a basis for decision making. In addition to the tranquility of tax and tax controls, we know that we are being conducted with the principles of legality – a principle that the company adopts in business management.

Nazira Abdo – CEO